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Welcome to Butler Assembly of God!

Thank you for viewing our website! We offer a variety of programs for all ages and new faces are always welcome. Join us for contemporary praise and worship along with inspiring biblical messages of encouragement for your daily life. As the Holy Spirit leads us, our hope is to be a light shining in the darkness for all to see to advance God’s kingdom!

A Message From Our Pastor:

"At Butler Assembly, we seek to bring people to Christ through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This is in keeping with the vision held by the men and women who began our fellowship one hundred years ago. Though times change and technology advances, the basic need of people remains unchanged. Human hearts inwardly long for fellowship with God, their Creator. Accordingly, God the Father gave us His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who returned to heaven and sent the promise of the Father, the Blessed Holy Spirit to the church. The Pentecostal experience and accompanying gifts are for believers today. God is still the same and His Word is true. The same Holy Spirit, who gives new birth, also gives new power to enable us to live meaningful lives as we walk with Him, study the scriptures together, and assemble for worship each week. There is a warm welcome for you at Butler Assembly of God!"

Pastor George Miller  

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